In the past century, medicine and health has become all about complicated tests, appetite suppressant, machines and money. But for centuries before that, people worked out solutions to health problems that were simple, inexpensive, and worked well.

Somewhere in between, we have lost a great deal of useful information. Let’s re-discover and return to natural health solutions that are not difficult to understand. And let’s combine them with the newest approaches. Ancient Wisdom and Modern Applications.

At this site, you will find many ideas you can incorporate into your daily living. Some are broad concepts. Some are very specific suggestions to help solve immediate health problems. Like how you can save the cost of going to a doctor to get a prescription. Simple things you can do to avoid going to the dentist. A natural antibiotic you can take without fear of side effects.

Not everything you see on the pages will apply to you. But my hope is you will be able to take away knowledge that will not only make you smarter and better informed, but which will also make you healthier.